Transformation HQ Success Story : Daniel Everall (Tiny)

What a difference 12 weeks can make. Tiny (Daniel Everall) wanted to torch body fat whilst at the same time build muscle.

HQ Before & After 1000 Daniel Everall

A lot of people say this can’t be done! Tiny proved otherwise…

Tiny plays football at weekends so fitness and health had become a recent interest.

Cutting fat and enhancing muscle would certainly help his footy performances.

Transformation HQ’s main role was to improve Tiny’s knowledge so that he understands how to train and eat for optimal fat loss and muscle building. An added bonus was Tiny’s performance in session as he responded extremely well and became much stronger and fitter.

There wasn’t too much to Tiny’s transformation other than putting in the basics;

  • Three transformation HQ sessions a week
  • Reducing junk food but leaving room for one cheat meal a week
  • Reducing alcohol to the bare minimum, especially for the last few weeks before shoot
  • Drink plenty of water (3 litres plus)
  • Resting and sleeping well



We believe tiny has picked up the skills and trialled his new knowledge – the results were fantastic. He will now attempt to add more muscle to his frame, particular the upper body and drop more body fat, he will do another shoot to show his improvement.

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