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Having spent many years trying every different diet on the planet, I was running out of options, years of nothing working! Every Monday I would try something new that would usually last about a week (mostly a day) or until I got hungry!  Then I got talking to a friend of mine who recommended a Personal Trainer called Carl  Lambert, Carl introduced me to lifting weights and eating a healthy high protein diet.  I had finally found something that worked but more importantly something I really enjoyed. My only regret is that I hadn’t met Carl a long time ago!

But now as I approach my fifties, I feel fitter than I ever felt in my twenties. What Carl taught was a better way of life, that works and is easy to manage with my busy lifestyle having two children and three jobs, it all fits in!

And now as a Trainer I have a better understanding of how to help other people in the same situation as me and what they need/want from Transformation HQ. I can relate to people having been in the same place myself, helping them change their lives in a positive achievable way.


  • Focus on breathing when lifting heavy weights and as a female don’t be scared about lifting heavy, you will tone up faster the heavier your weights get.
  • I understand as a female how difficult this is but, throw your scales away, once you’ve done this your transformation will be clear.
  • As a female don’t be concerned about eating meat and building muscle as this will help you look lean and toned, not big and bulky.

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