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Personal training to me isn’t about being super human and lying to people that you never struggle it’s about being honest, upfront and understanding the needs of real people with real lives.  I like to think i don’t just train people I help to coach them into changing their lives as a whole.

I generally believe at only a young(ish) age I’ve experienced a lot in life and I try to use every single experience in my everyday training to help people achieve realistic goals. I use this to help get better results than anyone has ever done before.

My belief and mind set in helping people achieve what they never thought would be possible is what drives me to make HQ better every single day.  I believe if you create a place that is fair to people and you work hard at it, you be yourself and show kindness then what you have created will stand out and work.  This will also show in the people that have invested in you and help them to do the same.


  • Make sure whatever you commit to it is realistically maintainable

  • Honesty, consistency and simplicity are key in fitness

  • Use your body transformation to fuel every area of your life, work relationships, friendships

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