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I am a trainer and owner at Transformation HQ. My passion is to get everyday people amazing results, I do this through showing first-hand what it takes to get into great shape and through the many hundreds of clients I have trained. I do have a direct approach when it comes to training and I say how it is to get people the results they desire. Having dealt with all sizes, ages, genders, injuries and any other obstacles – I have a wealth of experience backed up with a constant updated knowledge base to encounter day to day issues that may halt results.

I love to train not only to stay in shape but to improve my life, training allows me to tackle any stress I have in life and turn it into a positive. I love to eat lots of foods from a healthy diet that also allows those treats from time to time as life is worth living!

My main belief in life is that with a positive attitude and a little bit of hard work anything is possible!


  • Intensity needs to be high when training – all out for a short amount of time = quick results
  • Keeping as heavy as you can with strict form, even you ladies
  • Making sure you are well hydrated before, during after training will mean a better workout

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Ryan Adshead

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