Transformation HQ Success Stories : Kayleigh Bramhall

Want to know the secret as to how you can get in fantastic shape – yet still go out drinking & socialising (plus going on holiday for a week)?!?




Boring answer – I know!

But what’s boring about going out with friends & family and have a few alcoholic drinks to unwind!

Not so boring now is it?!

Kayleigh was an extremely determined lady who was DETERMINED to get into shape.

Having seen some of the high standard results Transformation HQ had achieved – it really inspired Kayleigh to join.

She had a young family that demanded a lot of her time, so she had to MAKE TIME to prioritise exercising and preparing foods. This is simple – by watching less television, spending less time on your phone scanning Facebook, getting up 10 minutes earlier. If you want something so much – you will make time!

Once we had sorted out the basics for Kayleigh with the Transformation HQ Meal Plan, basics such as eating 3 solids meals, reducing junk food and consistently training 3 times a week.

This got good results so we decided Kayleigh was ready to do a 12-week intense shoot. We agreed that Kayleigh could go to pre-arranged social nights out. So we gave Kayleigh calories to use on socialising and recommend which drinks would not impact on her fat loss goals.

Kayleigh even managed to go on holiday a week before her shoot – we were so confident she looked great already, we knew she would come back in the same (if not better shape).

Kayleigh wanted to stay with us for a few months, pick up as much information as possible then leave. However, since the shoot Kayleigh has decided to stay and continue training with Transformation HQ for consistency, accountability & encouragement.



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