Transformation HQ Success Story : Ben Gould


Ben’s New Approach to Diet & Training Paid Off

Ben will admit that he had let his body shape go a little bit.

He had had one too many nights on pints and takeaways.

This is a common thing to see young men do, mostly due to them getting away with it in their teens but paying for it in their twenties with excess body fat.

However, Ben didn’t want to be another bloke with a beer gut – he took action!

We explained to and reassured Ben that at Transformation HQ, we don’t ban any type of foods OR alcohol.

So, If ben wanted to have beer or takeaway, we would work it into his diet in a more strategic way.

Psychologically, if you ban yourself from a certain food group or alcohol, as a human you crave it more. If we don’t ban it, you truly don’t want or end up having it!

This will always be the process at THQ and treats should permanently be included.

Ben had weight trained before but hadn’t ramped up intensity of weight training sessions.

Our session last for 45 minutes, however they were more than long enough for Ben and he knew he had worked in that 45 minutes.

Once we had perfected form, we really push Ben with upping his weights, slowing down repetition speed, using static holds & partials and many more techniques.

Weight lifting isn’t just about going as heavy as possible, we can tweak exercise intensity in variable ways such as above.

This new intensity made body fat drop off Ben but also increase his muscle mass.

We knew he was adding muscle to his frame as he was getting stronger – this a good indicator that he was growing muscle whilst in a caloric deficit.

We made Ben track his calories for 12 weeks and we focused on a high protein, moderate fat & carb’s diet.

This kept Ben satiated but in a deficit that would melt body fat away to reveal his good physique hidden underneath.

This was just stage one for ben and he is currently going through a 2nd shoot to chisel away more body fat, watch this space!

Want to chisel away a few pounds and reveal your body that’s been hiding?

Try our 6 week meltdown like Ben went through and get a head start on 2019, whilst everyone else gets fatter in December! Enter yours details below to find out more information.

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