Transformation HQ Success Story : Ben Squires


Ben wanted to change his way of living to improve how he looked and felt.

He was always too busy with work and family to concentrate on “getting in shape”.

Transformation HQ convinced Ben that it only takes 3-4 hours a week to get in shape and meals didn’t have to be bland or boring.

Transformation HQ guided Ben through the 12 week shoot process with the aim to add muscle to his frame and drop some unwanted body fat.

At THQ we push people’s expectations high of what they can achieve.

We set Ben a target to get add more muscle to his upper body and attain some ab definition.

As you can see, with a little help from THQ, ben managed to achieve this goal and we have installed a belief into Ben that he can get the beach body look whenever he wants.

Ben now wants to improve even further as he has a newly installed certainty that he can have the muscular & lean body shape he prefers.

Ben’ success was down to increasing his protein levels and completing 3 Transformation sessions – plus a strength session once a week.

The weight-based Transformation sessions included a fair bit of volume – which means plenty of sets and repetitions on big compound exercises such as squats, presses and rows.

Even though we had him in a caloric deficit (fat burn) his high protein levels, timed carbohydrates and high-volume training sessions resulted in his chest, arms and shoulders adding muscle. Yet at the same time we stripped back the body fat to reveal that brilliant body shape.

Do you need some belief installed and guidance to get the body shape you want – join our ever growing waiting list so you don’t miss your chance!

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