Transformation HQ Success Story : Caroline Russell


If you’ve found your current exercise regime plateauing and not producing results, then maybe it’s time to get weightlifting.

Caroline had tried dieting & exercising before but nothing seemed to keep the weight off.

However, after joining Transformation HQ, Caroline found a new love of exercising.

This was the first time she had trained with weights and has now found a new health & fitness passion.

The attractiveness came from only having to train 3 times a week for 45 minutes. She also followed the THQ meal plan, meaning she was eating more food & including treats – yet LOST weight and body fat.

We kept working on Caroline’s form and as the weeks progressed, we increased intensity of sessions.

At the same time, she begins to track and record foods which kept her in a sustained calorie deficit.

The combination of training more frequently with good form, intensity & sticking to a daily caloric limit (that was set quite high), body fat dropped off Caroline very quickly.

After her shoot, Caroline kept training 3 times a week and followed a more relaxed meal structure, meaning she could keep her social life AND her body shape.

We have seen Caroline maintain her newly formed body shape, and she has kept working on her strength & fitness. This keeps her motivated to regularly attend sessions and not go back to her bad old ways.

Caroline proves why everyone should lift weights no matter what shape, age or ability level they are at. Want to give weightlifting ago to finally get the body shape you crave?

Enter you details below and follow our 6-week meltdown program for £99

  • You will receive 3 weekly weight lifting sessions with a trainer
  • Access to the super successful THQ meal plan
  • Ongoing support to ensure you achieve your body shape goal

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