Transformation HQ Success Story : Cheryl Graf


Prior to starting Transformation HQ, Cheryl had tried the traditional diet and exercising regimes.

Fat loss was slow & tedious, she found her body shape would not change as quickly as she wanted it to.

She learnt about Transformation HQ and gave lifting weights a shot at finally changing her body shape to become more toned & defined.

After initially sorting the basics of eating well & an introduction to lifting weights, she achieved good body shape results. Cheryl then decided to go for the 12 weeks shoot program to ramp up results.

This involved 3-4 weight training sessions a week, eating healthy foods that had flexibility for treats whilst staying within a caloric limit.

We saw Cheryl within a few weeks become more confident with weight lifting, this new confidence made her push herself in sessions – which in turn made her become slimmer, fitter and healthier.

She worked so hard in the 12 weeks that shifted 23.5 inches & 41lbs off her body, she now has the knowledge to stay slim without having to give up all of her favourite foods.

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