Transformation HQ Success Story : Claire Wilde

Claire found herself getting stuck in a bit of rut and not being able to change her body shape.


Her body shape was altering but it kept on changing in the wrong direction, she was unhappy with her body shape and could not lose the unwanted weight & inches.

Claire came to THQ to give weight lifting ago for the first time, as she had seen the results it had produced with women of similar age and body shape to herself.

There was some apprehension to start as she thought it would be too difficult & technical.

This is something we hear a lot of people say when they walk through the door but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

We can train people with no pervious weight lifting experience or people with plenty of weight lifting experience.

Like Claire, people with no experience are a blank canvas, its really simple for us to teach the moves. In fact, it’s easier for us to work with someone who has no weight lifting experience as there are no bad habits to eradicate.

After a week or two of learning the moves, Claire was faultless with her form and was feeling good!

A few more weeks later Claire then saw inch and weight loss – even though she was lifting HEAVIER weights. Again, proving weights don’t make you bulky if eating correctly!

Claire then pushed herself that little bit further as she now had the confidence to weight train, she started the 12 week shoot process.

The shoot achieves fantastic results as it keeps members accountable. Think about it – who really wants to look like their before photo?

As you can see, Claire looks amazing and she is now a lot stronger & fitter.

Training with weights and following a calorie controlled diet tailored to her goals meant Claire could FINALLY shift the pounds and inches, but more importantly keep them off for good!

Is it time for you to final shift the pounds and inches? Register your details below for information on our 6 week fat loss meltdown challenge



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