Transformation HQ Success Story : Collette Hill


Collette was new to lifting weights and was a little worried that lifting weights wouldn’t make her look slimmer.

As you can see from her latest shoot photos – this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Women are told that lifting weights will make you “bulky” FALSE

Eating a diet full of junk food and not exercising makes you bulky.

Collette only trained 3 times a week to begin with and we saw very good changes, so decided not to add any more training sessions in.

We could see Collette’s enjoying her training and wanted to do more. This was because she was becoming confident with strength training, how it shapes the body and gives you tons of energy.

When results started to plateau about halfway through her shoot process, we added a strength session focusing on just legs and abs.

This turbo charged her results – with controlling calories and allowing a few treats at weekends, Collette was able to live a “normal” life yet get in fantastic shape.

She now has the knowledge and confidence that she can get in amazing shape whenever she wants, Collette knows lifting weights with a good nutrition plan is the fastest and most enjoyable way of getting there.

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