Transformation HQ Success Story : David Bamforth


Dave not only lost weight but looked & felt so much better for it.

Dave knew he had to lose some body fat.

He was also aware of the health benefits that losing weight would achieve, this was a big motivational factor.

We first had a couple of months introducing new good eating and training habits, we saw good progression and encouraged Dave to do the 12-week shoot.

Dave was really determined and was willing to knuckle down to get his transformation – even though he a job that required long, demanding shifts.

He organised & planned his weeks, which often meant training earlier or later or even last-minute jumping on sessions.

The dedication was the key to seeing his body shape change as he did not use his job (paramedic) as an excuse.

He prepared his foods and stuck to his calories without complaint – knowing if he kept to the plan he would see good results in 12 weeks.

Now he had Transformation HQ helping him with his foods and pushing him in sessions, the weight began to fall off.

It wasn’t easy, and there were highs and lows but his new body shape was his reward.

Dave is now fitter, stronger but more importantly – healthier.

He has kept up his training and eating the correct foods, but now manages to include treats into his weekly routine.

The newly installed habits Transformation HQ has engrained into Dave’s daily routine, means he won’t go back to his old body shape.

In fact, Dave is actually improving his body shape even further by working on building more shape to his upper body. Look out for his next progress photos!

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