Transformation HQ Success Story : David Gravenor

David knew he had to lose weight not only for his body shape goals but also for his health.


David was suffering from frequent Ulcerative Colitis (UC) flare ups.

During these flare ups, David always felt tired & drained, with a constant sensation of feeling generally unwell.

Medication could ease the symptoms but it was only masking them.

He realised that trying to be fitter and healthier would be a better way to alleviate these symptoms, plus he may also lose a few pounds & inches during the process.

David had lost weight in the past but seem to be stuck at where he was and couldn’t get any more off – he came to THQ as he had seen how many bodies we had transformed.

David has a brilliant attitude towards his health & fitness, making sure he achieved his target of a health repair and make the body shape improve at the same time.

From joining THQ to the photo shoot – David lost 3 stone!

He discovered that not only does a healthy diet & strength training plan help drop a lot of pounds and inches – he was also managing & improving his UC flare ups.

From going to frequent flare ups that would last up to a week – to an improvement of very few flare ups that would last just 24 hours. As you can imagine, David’s quality of life has vastly improved and he beamed with happiness every time we saw him.

In fact, he reduced his medication from 48 tablets down to 3 tablets!

Alongside eating a calorie controlled diet and using THQ’s recommended healthier food options, David also decided to reduce his alcohol consumption. Something that he thought he would struggle with, but the longer he went without alcohol, the better and more energetic he was feeling.

He worked himself up from just 3 forty-five minute THQ strength sessions a week – to 5 forty-five minute sessions the weeks before his shoot. He also set an ambitious target of making 20 thousand steps each day, which he managed to achieve!

THQ’s approach on training and nutrition helped him improve all aspects of his life, he set a target and went above & beyond.

David now has the knowledge and tools on how to look and feel the best he can!

Do you have any struggles with body and health, get in touch with us below and see how THQ can help you feel & look better.

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