Transformation HQ Success Story : Debs Bywater


Deb always put family and work life before herself, that’s until she realised it was time to put herself and her health first.

We wanted to shred as much fat as we could whilst increasing strength and fitness.

We knew debs didn’t have a lot of spare time as she runs a successful business that takes up a lot of her time.

This wasn’t a problem as we only require 3 – 4 strength and resistance based work outs a week. Debs is active in her job role so we knew she would be moving a lot, so we made sure she completed a certain number of steps each day.

All we needed to do with nutrition was to reduce alcohol consumption, reduce treats to one cheat meal a week & to make sure debs hit her calorie and protein target each day.

We saw a massive improvement in strength and fitness through the 12 weeks and then as the weeks progressed, debs body shape got slimmer & leaner.

This is the beauty of weight training – you don’t need to spend countless hours in the gym, all you need is 3 or 4 strengths sessions a week. Giving you the time to spend time at work and with your family.

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