Transformation HQ Success Story : Fraser Mitchell


Fraser has really impressed himself with what he can do in 12 weeks.

This was not only a physical transformation but also a mental makeover.

“The biggest improvement is my awareness of the basics over the course the 12-week process and a better understanding of what changes I wish to make next”

Prior to starting the 12 week shoot, Fraser had seen some good progression of body shape by following the THQ meal plan and strength training 3 times a week.

He then stepped up to do a photo shoot to advance results even further.

This entailed being in a caloric-controlled diet which reduced over the 12 weeks, training frequency went up from 3 to 5 strength sessions a week.

That is all!

No crazy long cardio session, just weight training & eating healthy food choices that kept him in a caloric deficit (fat burning).

In fact, to begin with – we increased Fraser’s calories to encourage some muscle growth and keep him feeling satiated.

Meaning less likely to snack on rubbish foods.

Interestingly, Frasier’s inches on chest didn’t move even though he lost a lot of weight on the scales – this proves that he was ADDING muscle & BURNING body fat at the same time!

After deciding to make the change, a HUGE 16.5lbs of body fat has been chiselled off his body and he isn’t stopping there.

After a few years of not looking after his body, we now see a re-energised Fraser who wants to improve his body shape further by adding more muscle and dropping more body fat.

Want to build muscle & burn body fat?

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