Transformation HQ Success Story : Gemma Thorpe

Not only did Gemma drop pounds off the scales – she became fitter, stronger and more confident!

Gemma Thorpe

As a busy mum, she had put her family first and her body shape was not how she wanted it to look.

To top that – her fitness, strength and energy levels were pretty much none existent.

She had tried to lose the baby weight before but she just couldn’t seem to shift it.

So, Gemma decided to get to Transformation HQ as they had helped so many busy mums who had gotten a little out of shape.

After starting at THQ and going through the extremely popular 6 week meltdown she was looking and feeling a lot better.

The trainers at THQ then recommended that Gemma did an extended version of the 6-week meltdown and to go for the 12-week shoot.

On the shoot, members train from 3-5 times a week for 45 minutes at a time.

Whilst their nutrition target is keeping to a generous caloric daily limit which is reduced ever so slightly over the 12 weeks. All food options on the shoot are healthy, nutritious but more importantly – filling.

Meaning Gemma felt satiated on her meal plan and less likely to snack on junk foods, which in turn created a new slenderer body shape.

Gemma was fairly new to lifting weights and because of that she saw fantastic results in just 12 weeks – check these figures out!

Start Photo Shoot Day – 12 Weeks Later
Weight 170lb 147lbs (23lbs lost)
Legs 23.5 “ 20.5” (3 inches lost)
Tummy 42” 34.5” (7.5 inches lost)
Arms 11” 9.5” (1.5 inches lost)
Chest 40” 35.5” (4.5 inches lost)
Waist 34” 29” (5 inches lost)
Hips 39” 34” (5 inches lost)

Gemma proves that lifting weights don’t make you bulky and more mums should be lifting weights to finally get rid of mum tums. In fact, she is currently going through another shoot process and aims to get even leaner, fitter and stronger

Need to shift a bit of mum tum before Christmas – enquiry about our final 6-week meltdown of the year which intake is about to close. Fill in the box below and act fast before all places are snapped up!

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