Transformation HQ Success Story : Gill Siddons

Gill Sculpted Her Body Shape & Kept The Weight Off

HQ Before & After 1000 Gill siddons

Gill had exercised & dieted in the past and was successful in losing weight.

However, within a few weeks she was going back in the other direction again and the weight came back.

This constant struggle of “eating healthily” & “exercising” became a bit of a frustration, as the effort was there but she was struggling to achieve the results she wanted and deserved.

At Transformation HQ, we made Gill only train 3 times a week with weights and record her foods using a tracking app.

This simple formula seemed too simple and maybe Gill was a little dubious if it was going to work.

After a few weeks she saw her weight coming down, she felt slimmer and was stronger & fitter in sessions.

When we saw this progression, we then introduced a couple more strength sessions a week & reduced calories very minimally over a 12 week period.

With a view to be consistent with making her training sessions and not going over her calories throughout the whole 12 weeks.

Her results show she did extremely well and she even managed to fit into her wedding dress – something she thought would not possible ever again!

The biggest compliment we could give Gill was she managed to keep her body shape with little if any weight gain.

It’s now been a few months and she still look as fabulous as she did on her shoot day.

Most people eat everything in sight after successfully dieting, however after Gill’s shoot – we reversed dieted her out of a low-calorie phase. Meaning no rebounding of excess weight and body fat.

She was consistent with weight training at THQ 3 times a week and kept recording foods on a tracking app after her 12 week transformation.

This allowed Gill to enjoy weekly treats by keeping within her calorie limit, and weight training just 3 times a week for 45 minutes kept her body shape.

Gill can now live a social life without the guilt, as she now has the knowledge of how to get slim but STAY slim!

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