Transformation HQ Success Story : Glen Buckley


Glen wasn’t overweight or out of shape to begin with, yet he needed to get rid of the “skinny fat” syndrome.

His plan was to add muscle to his frame whilst shredding off body fat.

It is genuinely possible to burn body fat and build muscle at the same time. Glen proves this after going through the 12 week shoot process, giving him the uplifting feeling of being beach body ready for the summer.

Have you ever felt like you are just spinning your wheels in the gym when weight training?

Are you training to build muscle?

Are you training to burn body fat?

Are you training to get stronger?

At THQ you do all three at the same time.

This is what glen did, his starting point was to eat healthier and work on form when lifting weights with a Transformation HQ Trainer.

It does take time to learn the correct form, it’s called “greasing the groove” of repeating lifts and trying to establish a mind to muscle connection.

Once glen nailed his form on the big lifts such as squats, vertical presses, rows & overhead pressing – his weights on his lifts dramatically increased.

This gave Glen a solid strength foundation – which in turn allowed & encouraged his body to add muscle to his frame. His calories were supporting this muscle building process by including high protein levels and carbohydrates on training days, whilst more protein and vegetables on non-training days.

In the 2nd half of his 12 week shoot, we then slowly reduced calories to encourage more fat burning to reveal his newly built muscle from training with good form.

Glen now looks much leaner & athletic but more importantly knows how to get into beach body shape within a few weeks’ notice – meaning no more spinning wheels and wasting time in the gym.

Want to learn how to be beach body ready within a few weeks? Try our 6 week meltdown challenge with the view to do your very own 12 week shoot, register your details below for a complementary consultation to find out more…

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