Transformation HQ Success Story : Helen Chadwick

7KG Blasted Away In Just 12 Weeks


Helen got her younger body back after just 12 weeks at THQ.

Helen is a full-time firefighter so she has always been fit, active and healthy.

But having a busy life and a demanding job, meant that her body shape was not top of her priority list.

After a few years, she realised that she had put on a few too many pounds & inches, and had decided enough was enough.

She came to THQ for some guidance on become fitter and stronger, but to also learn how to shape the body using weight training.

Going through the 6 week meltdown first to nail down the basics of training and nutrition, we then progressed Helen further by enrolling her on the 12 week shoot.

During the 12 weeks, she blasted off 7KG & also lost;

  • 1 inch off arms
  • 3 inches off legs
  • 3 inches from hips
  • 3 inches from waist
  • Inch & half from chest

Giving Helen a more balanced body shape that was even fitter and stronger, she was blown away by her results.

All she needed to do was train with us 3-5 times a week for 45 minutes and follow a bespoke calorie plan given to her by her head coach. She was disciplined, worked hard & gave it time.

There was no secret plan other than being consistent with attending the gym and following her set out calories.

Helen proves that if you follow the guidelines given to you by THQ, you can finally reach your dream body shape goals and reveal a new figure in just 12 weeks!

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