Transformation HQ Success Story : Ian Theyer


The busy father of young twins shows that when you strength train and eat healthily in a caloric limit – body fat melts off fast.

It’s fair to say that Ian looks 10 years younger, Ian was not only melting fat off his body, but years as well!

Years of living a busy work life & raising a young family made Ian take action and get in touch with Transformation HQ.

He started with the THQ 6-week meltdown where he had to eat healthily following the THQ meal plan, whilst training just 3 times a week.

Transformation HQ created this body shape by introducing lifting weights to Ian’s workout routine.

After the 6 weeks, he saw quite a few inches & pounds had melted off the body, so he decided to go through the 12 weeks shoot process with his wife to improve even further.

See his wife’s (Leanne Theyer) stunning transformation by clicking here.

Ian’s technique/form with weights and intensity improved quickly over the 12-week process, the harder Ian trained with his newly learned form, the more his body shape trimmed up.

Ian’s nutrition did have a daily caloric target to achieve but all foods were based around protein, vegetables and adjusting carbohydrates depending if Ian had strength trained that day or not.

We still included room for the odd alcoholic drink or food treat – meaning it wasn’t such an overhaul of a diet & Ian could stick to it.

The consistent weekly strength training and eating better meant Ian had more energy, we saw his fitness levels rocket and strength increase considerably.

We know Ian has learnt enough over his short time at Transformation HQ to keep getting leaner and living a healthier happier life.

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