Transformation HQ Success Story : Jacqui Gregory

HQ Before & After 1000 Jacqui Gregory

Before joining THQ, Jacqui had tried to change her body shape but found it to be stop-start, it became a very slow & frustrating process.

Being a busy mum who ran a business made matters much more difficult, Jacqui would admit she probably neglected her health and fitness for others.

Jacqui decided enough was enough and wanted to change her body shape & feel better about herself.

After joining HQ and seeing some inch & weight loss – we put Jacqui through the 12 week shoot process.

The 12 week shoot teaches the members how to eat and train for maximum yet sustainable fat & weight loss.

It’s easy to lose weight but even harder to keep it off – the trick to having an all year-round body shape is to use strength training and flexible dieting.

Diet and nutrition is always the hardest part, we teach our members how to include their favourite treats into their diet but STILL LOSE inches.

Jacqui now stays leaner, stronger and fitter yet has learnt how to incorporate treats into her diet. She now understands that it doesn’t take hours each day to get in shape and that 4 strength sessions a week can keep her in amazing shape!

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