Transformation HQ Success Story : Jo Waterhouse

Mum Jo lost 16lbs & got her younger body back at THQ


Jo has always been fit and active but never seemed to see results from the hard work she was putting in at the gym.

Yet, going through the THQ 6 Week Meltdown and then 12 week shoot, has completely changed Jo’s body & attitude towards getting into great shape.

Jo followed the super successful training program that THQ provides, it challenged Jo each and every time she turned up for a session. On average, only having to train 3-4 times a week for 45 minutes, freeing up time to get on with her busy day.

The 6 week meltdown meal planner was followed at first, making it simple to understand how to structure your day with meals and snacks. She then decided to track calories to see even quicker results.

Jo has this knowledge for life now….

She no longer gets frustrated about wasting time in the gym, as she now has learnt how to have a leaner, fitter and healthier body – and keep it!

Jo is now very confident to go into any gym and weight train, she understands that it shapes the body but at the same time – makes it stronger.

She now understands that she doesn’t have to give up all of her favourite treats. She tracks calories to allow for flexibility and creativity in her diet, but still keeps a basis of a “clean eating” diet as she recognises that it makes her feel energetic and vibrant.

Jo not only saw physically changes but also saw her mindset become a lot more positive about herself.

Knowing that you are heading in the correct direction can be a huge relief and we are proud of how quickly Jo changed.




6 Months Later

Hips 37”

Hips 33”

4 inch loss

30” waist

Waist 28”

2 inch loss

12” arms

Arms 11”

1 inch loss

24” legs

Legs 21”

3 inch loss



16lb loss

Read her thoughts on her transformation….

Why did you first start at THQ?

To obtain a better body shape/lose weight and just to see what could be achieved.

What made you start the 12 week shoot?

Seeing the results from the 6 week meltdown I did, I wanted to carry on to see how much better I could do.

Have you achieved your body shape goal? What exactly have you achieved?

I’ve achieved more than I thought was possible, however I still want to improve and get stronger.

How do you feel about your achievement?

Really pleased and proud of myself, it’s not been easy but I like a challenge.

What have you most enjoyed about at THQ?

Realising that if you set yourself a goal you can do it!

Also meeting new people has been great, this whole process has helped me mentally just as much as physically.

What would you say to anyone thinking about starting at THQ?

DO IT!!!!


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