Transformation HQ Success Story : Josh Sharpe


Josh is a busy guy who has a young family and runs his own business.

This had meant that josh had developed too many bad habits and was starting to get the “Dad bod”.

Fortunately, Josh decided it was time to look after himself and he joined Transformation HQ.

Before he started THQ, Josh’s diet consisted of “quick foods” that are often high in sugar, trans fats and very calorific.

These foods are usually low in protein and fibre, which means he became hungry very quickly, so again went back for more “quick foods” for fast energy.

Within a few weeks, Josh swapped quick & convenient foods for lean protein and vegetables. At the same time, adding in strength training, the results were josh started losing pounds and inches but also began feeling great again.

Small changes in nutrition can not only make you look good, it can also give you more energy throughout your day.

So no longer needing to rely on sugary & fattening foods or energy drinks – but more drive and liveliness for his business and family from eating better choices.

Josh then pushed a little harder and went for the 12 weeks shoot to learn about tracking calories and training with better intensity alongside weights.

Josh dropped 22lbs from joining THQ up to the day of his shoot, he also feels much more energetic, stronger and fitter.

He now intends on continuing his journey to improve his body shape & energy levels even further!

Want to feel more energetic for your business, career or family? And at the same time lose a few pounds and inches?

Try our 6 week meltdown challenge where we are getting up to 11lbs off the scales for people trying it for the first time.

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