Transformation HQ Success Story : Karen Burgess


A busy business and family women – Karen ditched the excuses and decided to get in great shape.

Karen has done a 12 week shoot before but decided to advance even further with her body shape. (See first shoot results here)

As Karen has a small frame, 17lbs was a huge amount of body fat to drop in 12 weeks.

Karen trained just 3 times a week to start with and added addition strength sessions when she could. She was very active when not doing weight training session, she would be walking and cycling when possible.

In just 12 weeks, Karen looks and feels so much better by dropping that unwanted body fat.

Her weight training sessions kept hold of her muscle to keep her strong & fit but gave her an athletic toned look.


Keeping Karen in a controlled daily caloric limit meant she could be flexible with food choices. However, her biggest win was not to drink alcohol on her 12-week shoot.

As we always state, THQ does not ban junk food or alcohol. Never the less, it’s a wise move to reduce alcohol from the diet for short periods if you want to look and feel good.

Sometimes it’s not the alcohol that does the body shape damage, it’s the midnight feast on chips, chocolate, cake, kebab or whatever you can get your hands on. This little mini feast is what can take you from being in a weekly caloric deficit (fat burning) to maintenance (stuck at same weight).

Karen showed discipline to eliminate alcohol, consistently make her weekly weight sessions, consume nutritious foods from the THQ meal plan only. The results being a healthier, stronger and fitter Karen.

Need a little guidance and support with your body shape? Enter you details below to find out about our 6 week meltdown challenge.

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