Transformation HQ Success Story :Kim Graf

Kim was super fit and strong from kickboxing but was stuck in a rut with her weight, nevertheless Transformation HQ took her to the next fitness level, whilst getting her stronger & leaner by introducing her to lifting weights.


Kim came from a very active background and was training exceptionally hard, probably a little too hard & too frequently.

Lots of high intensity circuit training was pushing Kim to exhaustion, which started to take its toll on her body.

To run alongside that, her diet was very low in calories, this was giving Kim no energy and she felt drained all the time.

This combination of overtraining and consuming low calories really got to Kim and she was stuck in a rut.

Kim wanted to get stronger and fitter for her fights but also wanted drop a bit of body weight/ fat.

However, she couldn’t add any more exercise as she was training all the time, and she couldn’t drop calories any lower otherwise she be eating nothing.

She came to THQ for a little help and decided to give weight lifting a try.

We actually took a couple of high intensity circuits away and just focused on strength training. We also got Kim to add a little more food – consuming more protein & vegetables and including carbohydrates on training days.

This resulted in her hits getting stronger, she felt more energetic & fitter, and her weight actually came DOWN making her look leaner.

This proves that it’s not just a case of doing lots of cardio/exercising and starving yourself.

Instead, consuming sensible moderate calories using foods that nourish the body – and adding regular strength training to build and maintain muscle.

Stuck in a low calorie – excessive exercise rut yourself and finally want to see results?

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