Transformation HQ Success Story : Kim Verhiest


Don’t believe you can get in great shape? Kim proves that sticking to a healthy eating plan and lifting weights DOES work for the long term!

Kim first came to us for help to become healthier, fitter, stronger and to drop a few pounds.

She achieved this quite quickly and started feeling good about herself.

Kim was training only 3-4 times a week AND having a social life at weekends, YET she still managed to keep progressing with her body shape.

Kim worked hard all week & enjoyed her weekends with a few drinks, maybe a take away or a meal.

Being in great shape is not all about restriction, suffering and hunger.

If you are clever with your diet through tracking calories, plus 3-4 weekly strength training sessions – you too can have the body shape you want whilst having some fun along the way.

This wasn’t Kim’s first shoot but she has managed to maintain her body shape and live a full, happy, social life in between shoots.

See Kim’s other shoot progress photos here 

On this latest 12 week shoot, Kim lost 14lbs, 17 inches overall and 8 of those were off her waist!

Her motivation now comes from making small improvements each shoot – this stops the YoYo dieting and overindulging, it keeps her training consistently but more importantly keeps her happy & healthy.

The key is to enjoy your eating & training, this is the only way body fat will stay off.

If you are unhappy and want to start feeling good about yourself – try our 6 week meltdown challenge to shift some unwanted pounds and inches, all for just £99.

Then, just like Kim does, go through the 12 week shoot process to really super charge fat loss results.

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