Transformation HQ Success Story : Laura-Jane Gould

Laura has been through the shoot process once before and decided to improve even further and go through a 2nd shoot.

As you can see Laura looks great for a mum that works and has two very young children.

Laura proves that not having much time due a demanding job and hectic family life are not excuses.

She made the time to exercise and have the correct foods available as she WANTED to look and feel amazing.

We started Laura with just three Transformation sessions each week and made sure she recorded her foods daily.

As the weeks progressed we slowly lower Laura’s food intake and added an extra session working on legs, bum and tummy.

We could see Laura become more defined & toned as the weeks progressed, we also saw Laura become fitter and stronger in sessions.  An extra bonus was Laura looked more energetic, lively and less bloated.

Do you want a body like Laura, do you find lack of time or a busy family/work life stopping you from achieving your desired body shape? We can help you! All with just 3 sessions a week…

For more information, enter you details below and we can explain how we would get you results in just 6 weeks with our post Christmas meltdown challenge….

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