Transformation HQ Success Story : Leanne Theyer


Leanne followed the usual advice of “dieting” and “exercising”, which meant not eating enough and exercising whenever getting the chance.

Yet her body shape failed to change.

Leanne finally got her desired body shape by strength training 3 times a week and eating correctly over a 12 week period.


It must be said that training frequency went up to 4 or 5 training sessions a week towards the end of her 12 week shoot process. This is only an extra 45-90 mins extra a week with an average of just 3 hours a week of strength training.

It’s a misconception that doing hours upon hours of cardio and starving yourself will get you “abs”.

All this does is ending up with messed up hormones, a damaged metabolism and newly developed binge/emotional eating habits.

Leanne has proven that it takes no longer than 3 hours a week of lifting weights & eating MORE volumising foods (which kept her satiated), will get rid of your mum tum and show the abs hiding underneath.

Meaning you can have more time to yourself to get on with life’s issues. This for leanne was to look after her young family.

Unfortunately, this way doesn’t sound very sexy so people tend to ignore a proven formula that works!

Instead of focusing on faddy diets or the next silly themed exercise fitness class

Why not try…..

Hard work in training sessions, consistently making weekly strength sessions and sticking to a meal plan like we provide members at THQ.

THQ members keep proving over and over again how well this formula works.

Find out how you can achieve a transformation like leanne’s – register details below for a free consultation;





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