Transformation HQ Success Story : Neave Weston

I want you to hear a story from a fabulous THQ Leek member – Neave Weston.

She managed to drop 2 and half stone in under 6 months! All without having to do hours of cardio and giving up her favourite foods.

Neave was seriously struggling with her weight loss. She’d tried everything in the past and nothing seem to shift the unwanted weight.

This made Neave feel very low and not good about herself…

…and despite all her hard work, her efforts, and the amount of reading she’d done on the subject, she just could not see results.

She had had enough so started to comfort eat even more!

Tired, exhausted, angry and feeling like the gym just wasn’t for her.

I’m sure you know the feeling.

You try diet clubs, spin classes, hours in the gym and get nowhere.




You too maybe feeling like this right now!

But listen up, Neave’s view on her transformation journey will inspire you that anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it, and have a little guidance from THQ.


Why did you first start at THQ? What made you start the 12 week shoot?

Started at THQ January 31st 2019. Comfort eating, feeling low due to personal circumstances. My son and brother were already members and encouraged me to join.

Have you achieved your body shape goal? What exactly have you achieved?

I am so happy with what I have achieved. Approx 10/11 inches lost and 2 and 1/2 stone weight loss. The biggest changes are body shape and mindset. This is more than I expected to achieve.

How do you feel about your achievement?

I am so happy! Confidence levels have increased so much and I am proud of my achievements.

What have you most enjoyed about at THQ?

Everything! I did not expect to enjoy it so much – the trainers are so supportive and encouraging, the sessions give great results and the members have become great friends.

What would you say to anyone thinking about starting at THQ?

Join, it’s as simple as that! You will never look back. Its not a gym it’s a transformation hq, results are amazing. Put in the training and effort required and you will 100% see results that you never thought possible. 

Sick of wasting time in the gym – let THQ guide you just like we did we Neave…

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