Transformation HQ Success Story : Phil Anderson

23lbs Lost To Uncover A Chiselled Physique


When work and family come first, you can get out of shape without even noticing.

Phil comes from an active background and used to row a lot in his younger days, but as he came away from rowing, he worked more and spent more time looking after his family.

As the years went by, he had noticed that he had lost muscle and body shape due to droping the routine of training frequently.

He came to THQ for a bit of accountability and a push to get him in the correct direction. He saw the results we produced and wanted some expert knowledge from trainers who knew what they were doing.

Phil went through the 6 week meltdown and liked how he was feeling, and enjoyed seeing the pounds and inches come down.

He then went out to improve even further by enrolling on the 12 week shoot program (which is included in membership at THQ). He knew it would push him out of his comfort zone, and challenge his body like when he was younger and was rowing a lot.

Phil was under the illusion that because he was a little bit older now, he wouldn’t be able to change the body that much.

As you can see, he got fitter but also gained muscle and burnt a lot of body fat.

If you can get to low body fat levels, your appearance can actually look bigger with your shirt off, even though you’ve lost inches and in Phil’s case – 23lbs off the scales.

Phil loved getting stronger and fitter whilst regaining the body shape he thought had vanished forever. Phil maintains this brilliant body shape by training just 3 times a week for 45 minutes & continuing the structure THQ gave him with his diet.

Making it a sustainable way of staying in great shape but not spending hours & hours training in the gym, plus we let him include a few treats in his diet.

If you want the body that you had when you were younger – get in touch below and let’s get started!

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