Transformation HQ Success Story : Phil Welling

Phil lost 35lbs to become fitter, healthier & a lot leaner


Phil lived a “normal life” and realised that he had gotten a little out of shape.

A few too many takeaways and beers at weekends had made the body change shape, but not in a good way. Phil realised that this cannot continue so he took action and got a little help from THQ.

Phil went from feeling unfit and out of shape – to feeling lighter, stronger and more energetic without having to live like a monk!

When beginning a transformation journey, it can seem like it’s going to be a long road with no enjoyment along the way.

We understood that Phil didn’t want to be just living off chicken, broccoli & rice…

….and in the gym every day of the week!

We started Phil on the 6 week meltdown last November, to which he saw fantastic results training just 3 times a week for 45 minutes.

We had a little tidy up of his diet, but more importantly we didn’t ban any types of foods.

As long as he followed our meal planner and cookbooks 80% of the time, he could use the other 20% to “live a normal life”. The 6 week meltdown shifted plenty of pounds & inches & at the same time, he became stronger & fitter from training with us.

Christmas then happened and he was in top shape when he would be normal adding more weight to the scales.

When the New Year rolled around, he was fired up to push further and see more results. He started the 12 week shoot which is a more intense version of the 6 week meltdown.

On the shoot…Phil was expected to track calories every day and slowly increase training frequency from 3 sessions a week – to eventually 5 sessions a week by the end of the shoot.

After a few weeks of tracking calories and increasing training frequency, Phil started to see the benefits of all the hard work he was putting in at the gym and in the kitchen.

He stuck to the plan and kept consistent throughout the shoot and was chuffed with his results on shoot day.

Phil has a much leaner & muscular body shape now, and has got to the best shape possible in a really short amount of time. He now is currently on a 2nd 12 week shoot so we look forward to seeing Phil improve his shape even further!

Lost your ways a little bit? Take action like Phil did and enquire below…



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