Transformation HQ Success Story : Rob Edwards

Rob Lost 4 Stone (Whilst Going on a Cruise & Beach Holiday)


Part of the battle with a transformation is mindset.

Ever been on a diet or exercise plan & have slipped up? Ate a whole packet of biscuits, went on a all-night bender in the pub, had a whole pizza to yourself?

This happens to everyone and is nothing to be ashamed of, you possibly went too strict on yourself and the inevitable binge kicked in. What happens next is the emotions take over and you throw in the towel….

….yet Rob’s story is here to inspire you today.

He came to us at the beginning of his shoot, and mentioned that he would be going on all inclusive cruise in the middle of the shoot! He wondered if he will still see results?

Myself & Carl were cool with that, as he said he wouldn’t drink alcohol, meaning we would allow him to enjoy himself with food as long as he continued to track his calories.

Compromising & eliminating alcohol hugely reduced the risk of over eating on the cruise, as a few drinks can cause the munchy monster to take control!

The weeks leading up to the shoot, Rob strength trained 3-4 times a week, as this was all the time he could commit. He trained first thing in the morning before work as he anticipated that work may keep him behind, meaning he wouldn’t be able to train later in the day.

This was a shift in his mindset, it was really important to Rob that he made his training sessions and ditched the excuses. He prepared for any obstacles (that always appear from no-where) and got his training sessions boxed off first thing before work (done for 6.45am).

Leading up to the cruise, Rob tracked calories everyday!

Everything that passed his lips was tracked and recorded. It was new to Rob but he soon adjusted to the point where it took just 10 minutes a day to enter foods consumed.

He did so well he was ahead of schedule for his cruise and was looking in top shape to chill by the pool. He stayed off the booze but enjoyed a few treats or two whilst away, and got into the gym when on the cruise to burn off a few extra calories consumed!

When he came back, he had a few weeks till his shoot, so he added in an extra workout a week and we also lowered calories a little bit more, to push that stubborn body fat that wouldn’t move.

He lost 3 stone in the 12 weeks with an all-inclusive cruise in the middle! He continued tracking calories and training hard for a few more months after his shoot – then went on a weeks holiday enjoying himself and drinking – YET he is a further stone lighter!

The secret was consistently making the gym 3 times a week and monitoring foods after his shoot.

Meaning a totally of 4 stone shifted from the start of his 12 week shoot – to today.

Think you cant go on holiday and lose weight? Rob proves you can….as long as you are smart about calories and shift your mindset from “I can’t” to “I CAN”!

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