Transformation HQ Success Story : Sophie Mitchell


Sophie was new to lifting weights and wasn’t aware of the HUGE slimming and toning benefits lifting weights can bring.

She also discovered an added bonus of feeling energetic and strong through lifting & eating well.

Gone are the days of feeling sluggish & tired but new days of energy & wanting to weight train more!

Prior to the shoot, sophie started training with us 3 times a week and cleaned up her diet, she saw some pretty good inch & weight loss. This made her go for the 12 week shoot, which is a little more stricter and requires you to control calories, reduce junk food and train from 3 to 5 times a week.

This was also the first time Sophie had tracked and recorded her foods, this can be an eye opener as it really demonstrates how many calories you truly consume.

We kept Sophie in a caloric deficit over the 12 weeks, we did this using a daily calorie limit and she was advised to stick to the THQ food list.

We started with 3 training sessions a week, which slowly increased to 4 sessions a week. The final third phase of the shoot, we then went to 5 weight sessions a week. So, on average, Sophie only really trained 4 times a week with each session just lasting 45 mins.

As a result of controlling calories and lifting weights – she felt full & satiated and didn’t have to give up many hours to exercise.

No starving herself, no over training to exhaustion, no endless hours of slow steady state cardio, increasing time she could spend with her family or doing activities she enjoyed!

This sensible method resulted in having more time to continue normal life & enjoy her training & eating.

Before she even noticed she had shifted 22 pounds when she weighed herself on photoshoot day (12 weeks).

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