Stewart Searle

Transformation HQ Success Story : Stewart Searle


Stewart pushed himself out of his comfort zone, he was really determined to burn as much body fat and build as much muscle possible on the THQ 12-week shoot.

Stewart started at THQ with the 6-week meltdown challenge – he then raised his efforts further and went through the 12-week shoot.

Stewart has a physically demanding job as postman and has a young family, this meant that time was valuable and he had to be single-minded to make his training sessions.

This determination was also applied to preparing & tracking his foods.

The types of foods and calories given to Stewart was slightly exact, but we knew they would produce good body shape results.

This meant Stewart had to make time to prepare his food and had to make time to exercise.

He never used excuses and often meant getting up early or training late to make sure he got his 3-5 sessions a week.

At Transformation HQ we like to get our members fantastic results in the least amount of time training each week.

This is why all our members train from 3-5 times a week for just 45 minutes a time.

There is no need to be doing endless hours of slow steady state cardio (which you have to do more and more of to keep getting results!).

Strength & weight training is the winner as it achieves results in half the time, with the added bonus of becoming stronger and fitter!

Do you want to get more toned but don’t have a lot of time to train? Register to find out more about our 6-week meltdown challenge by clicking here


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