Transformation HQ Success Story : Tyrone Roberts


Tyrone’s astonishing 12 week transformation proves THQ’s blue print works for people with busy lives.

Tyrone wanted to feel energetic & healthy yet at the same time get in the best shape possible.

As you can see, Tyrone managed this plus he got stronger, fitter & leaner following THQ’s blue print.

Tyrone had been putting work & family first and food choices were not great, plus he didn’t have time to exercise.

This way of living was not doing his body shape any good and he started to gain a few extra pounds, particularly around the midsection as men tend to store it here quite easily.

At THQ we started to give Tyrone answers and solutions to his problems. We made him follow the THQ meal plan and lift weights 3 times a week – this is using our renowned 6 week meltdown challenge.

The 6 week meltdown got Tyrone developing good training and eating habits.

After going through the 6 week meltdown, Tyrone accomplished some really good results but he wanted to keep improving further.

Our next steps were to enrol Tyrone onto our 12 week shoot plan.

It’s no different to our 6 week meltdown, still training with weights and eating the correct foods. The shoot plan is an extended version where we record foods and slowly increase training session frequency.

The shoot achieves incredible results as it has enormous accountability, this is due to a professional photographer taking your photo at week 12.

No hiding, no excuses, no get out’s.

Tyrone had no excuses even though he worked long hours and has a family. He realised he had to drop the excuses if he was to achieve the body shape he wanted.

He stuck to the plan, gave every training session his all, hit daily calories and said NO to temptations.

The results are proof that if you are dedication & commitment like Tyrone, Transformation HQ will get you the body you want so much.

Transformation’s HQ blue print takes into account that people have busy lives. This is why we use weight training as it only takes three to five 45 minute weight sessions a week.

By dropping any excuses and using the time wasted on social media & watching television, you too can get results like Tyrone achieved.

For more information to start your journey just as Tyrone did on our 6 week meltdown, enter your details below to find out more;




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