Transformation Success Story : Ady Ogden

Ady says he is the fittest, strongest and lightest he has been in years.


Ady achieved this incredible transformation going through the 6 week meltdown and the 12 week shoot.

After just 6 months – Ady lost an incredible 66 lbs! That’s averaging 11bs a month and he now easily maintains this new weight & body shape.

Ady is a chef, so has a job that has demanding long hours with lots of temptation around. A chef usually works till late and will often have a drink after work.

This lifestyle was damaging Ady’s body shape & health – he knew he had to make a change so got in touch with THQ.

At first Ady just wanted to get a little fitter and tone up.

This is a good goal but we love to raise people’s expectations of what they can achieve.

Once Ady complete the 6 week meltdown and saw impressive weight & inch loss – we encourage Ady to do the shoot.

Although hesitant at first, he gave it ago.
We factored in the long days at work and only trained 3 times a week to begin with, each session lasting just 45 minutes. We added an extra one or two strength sessions if free time permitted.

If he didn’t train he was given lower non-training day calories to keep results progressing, and stop the unnecessary worry of missing sessions.

This gave Ady the confidence that work and long shifts won’t get in the way of his transformation. He put 100% effort in and you can see how much you can achieve if you just go “All In” on a transformation goal.

Weight training has given Ady a new lease of life as he is stronger, fitter & leaner than ever!

Ady is now looking to improve on his body shape even further, he trains three times a week and has enrolled onto our Armageddon program. This is a weekly session that just targets the arms to run alongside his 3 weekly full-body transformation sessions.

He includes treats and alcohol in his diet YET still maintain his shape & weight, as he has now learnt how to balance it all out.

Do you want a new lease of life and a motivational shot in the arm?

Try our 6 week meltdown just like Ady did…

For £99 you can get 6 weeks small group personal training and fat burning meals plans that will help you final get the body shape you want!

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