Transformation Success Story : Brad Burton

Brad Achieved An Incredible Physique


If you have a busy work life then your body shape can come 2nd fiddle.

Brad has always trained in the gym using weights, as he loved how it made him feel and look. However, Brad was spending more time at work & consuming the wrong types of food, the consequence was his weight started to creep up.

Muscle definition had pretty much disappeared and strength & fitness was also starting to fade.

Brad decided enough was enough. He started on the 6-week meltdown which focuses on cleaning up the diet, weight training and introducing more good habits than bad. Which then leads into the 12 week shoot program, which is slight more advanced with nutrition, training & recovery.

Brad shows how quickly you can get into top shape.


On average Brad just trained 4 times a week for 45 minutes and followed THQ’s nutritional advice which gave structure and discipline. These simple changes transformed Brad’s body shape from something he wasn’t happy with – to something he can be really proud of!

Need a bit of direction with training and nutrition? Why not try the 6 week meltdown which brad went through – all for just £99!

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