Transformation Success Story : Chelsey Mazari

Flexible Dieting & Lifting Weights Created A Stronger, Fitter and Slimmer Chelsey


Chelsey was relatively new to lifting weights.

There was a little hesitation at first from Chelsey as to whether it could make her lose body fat, as she didn’t want to look too bulky.

As the shoot photos demonstrate, this could not be further from the truth.

Chelsey was lifting some seriously heavy weights in her sessions yet she got slimmer, fitter and stronger.

This was due to being a caloric deficit following instructions given from the THQ trainers.

She was allowed to go out for drinks and meals YET still lost weight.

We converted Chelsey from treating food & drink as good or bad.

We ENCOUARGED treats and drinks into her diet as we know it makes people more likely to stick to the plan.

THQ uses an 80/20 principal of eating 80% “clean”, healthy, nutritious foods, and 20% on whatever she fancied.

On the shoot this ratio changes to 90/10.

The majority of the time, members stick to the “clean foods” as they want the best result possible.

However, if a social event appears or they have a piece of cake for example, they don’t panic and then throw in the towel. They fit it into their daily caloric limit, adjust meals intuitively & effortlessly and keep the weight loss results progressing.

This is called Flexible Dieting and will always be our ethos as life is also for living.

We are certain Chelsey will now be able to maintain her body shape, through lifting weights and using the flexible dieting strategy we promote at THQ.

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