Transformation Success Story : Chris Fielding


This incredible transformation shows not only can THQ get you leaner, stronger and fitter..

But it can literally take years off your looks.

Chris nows looks like a completely different man, a considerably healthier and younger looking guy.

All this from just 3 to 5 weights workouts (Transformation Sessions) a week and at the same time tracking calories.

Chris was at a point in his life where he needed to change.

Too much beer and bad food choices had made Chris feel not too good about himself, and he wanted to feel leaner and more energetic.

Chris went through our 6-week meltdown challenge and shifted quite a few pounds and inches. This was from training just 3 times a week and cleaning up his diet using our meal plan.

He loved how he was feeling and looking so he went onto our 12 week shoot program.

This is just a more intense version of our super successful 6-week meltdown.

We slowly increased training frequency from 3 to 5 times a week (45-minute sessions).

Nutritional, he started tracking calories, we started Chris on around 1800kcal a day with plenty of protein and veg. The calories were slowly brought down over the 12 week shoot to really start shifting body fat.

We got Chris carb & calorie cycling, so on training days he had slightly more carbs & calories to fuel his weight lifting sessions.

We then reduced carbs & calories on non-training days to burn that stubborn body fat.

This is a great technique that brings down average weekly calories to expose a better body shape.

The end product was Chris looking younger, slimmer & happier.

Need a little kick start to 2019?

Go through the 6-week meltdown like Chris did to shift some unwanted pounds & inches.

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