Transformation Success Story : Colin Robinson


Colin’s diet and training got him shredded in just 12 weeks.

Colin was a guy who had put his work life over his body shape.

He had trained in the gym before but didn’t see much changes in his body shape.

As he was always busy, he was eating more for convenience which meant the wrong type of foods were being consumed.

Colin knew that he wasn’t totally out of shape but wanted to see what he could do with his body shape.

It’s the classic muscular body shape that’s been covered with just a little body fat.

The main aim to begin with, as Colin didn’t have too much body fat, was to focus on increasing muscle mass and strength.

We wanted Colin to have as much muscle density as possible, so once we stripped back the body fat, it would show a ripped physique.

Colin’s plan was to start on HIGHER calories than normal to encourage muscle growth. As we got to week 4 out of the “12 week shoot”, we then brought down calories gradually and got Colin to focus on maintaining strength but burning fat.

He achieved an incredible body shape in such a short amount of time, all from training 3 to 4 times a week & eating the correct foods whilst being in a calorie deficit.

Colin was extremely dedicated to his nutrition & training, he achieved this incredible transformation in just 12 weeks.

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