Transformation Success Story : David Ponsonby


David has totally transformed his body from skinny fat to lean & more muscular.

There isn’t a secret to achieving a body like David’s other than hard work, consistency and dedication to the plan.

The busy dad first came to Transformation HQ with a goal to toning up and get fitter. At THQ we like to inspire people to go further than they thought was even possible.

David didn’t have a lot of time and had a young family, he presumed that this would be an obstacle.

After seeing better than first thought results on the 6 week meltdown, he went on to the 12 week shoot program.

He realised that to get in great shape, you don’t need hours and hours to train, or just eat boring chicken and vegetables.

David only trained 3 times a week for 45 minutes to begin with, and as he progressed we added one or two extra strength session per week if he had the time.

His foods were flexible and he tracked calories on the shoot to allow room for a treat or two.

Using the 6 week meltdown and 12 week shoot, we completely transformed David’s body to something he can be proud of. He now intends to improve on it even further with continuing training at THQ.

When you go through a body transformation, it inspires the passion and belief in you again. You always see areas to improve yourself further, this could be seen as a negative, but it should be viewed positively.

If you always want to improve your body shape further, you will stay in shape! Meaning no relapses that you see so often with body transformations.

Are you a busy dad who is sick of the dad bod – take action now and let us help you change that body shape, enquire below for more details.

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