Transformation Success Story : Denise Morris

Now this is an interesting success story.

One that will probably make you feel a little better.

Denise decided to very smartly take a detailed body analysis before starting the shoot.

This is a clever move because it gives you the information needed, as you go through your transformation.

You have the facts and figures to see if your body is losing inches & pounds.

So, Denise went on a body scanner that is commonly found in shops on the high street.

Here are her figures;

Start of Shoot 12 Weeks Later
Weight – 10 stone 11 (64kg) Weight – 9 stone 11 (62.2kg) 1.8kg Loss
Body Fat Mass 26.5% (17kg) Body Fat Mass 31% (19.3kg) 2.3kg Gain

Really head scratcher isn’t it?!

The machine has suggested that she lost weight, but put on body fat – ehh??

As you can see from her photos she is visible leaner and she can back this up. Denise took measurements with a tape measure & has lost inches all over the body.

These figures suggest that scale weight and body fat analysis machines are a load of tripe.

They are swayed very heavily by many factors such as hormones, water levels, time of the month, food in the body….

Don’t be sucker punched by a figure that a machine produces.

At Transformation HQ we don’t just use scale weight (or body fat analysis machines)

We have 5 ways to monitor body shape progression;

  1. Pictures (The gold standard)
  2. Inch measurements
  3. Scales weight
  4. Clothing sizes
  5. Monitoring of 6 weight lifting exercises

We aim to improve on all 5 figures.

Some weeks we may just improve on 2 or 3, some weeks we improve on all 5!

Denise understood this and did not fret about this figure that the machine had produced.

She laughed it off – went back to lifting weights and eating as she should do.

She now maintains her fantastic shape she has worked so hard for, but more importantly doesn’t bother what the scales say.

Need some more help with your diet & nutrition. Try our 6-week meltdown which is a “mini shoot” to get you results in half the time.

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