Transformation Success Story : Emmie Barton

Emmie Lost 17 Pounds & 18.5 Inches To Transform Her Body & Health


Emmie had dieted and exercised before joining THQ and made positive changes with her body shape.

THQ gave Emmie the additional knowledge and support to achieve even better results.

Emmie has an injury to her back which can cause extreme pain, especially when exercising.

The weight training exercises at THQ could be easily adapted to accommodate her injury, meaning she was not missing out on results.

In-fact, her weight training sessions were so effective – she was originally pencilled in for back surgery, but this was cancelled due to the improvement of her strength, particularly around the core.

We focussed on eradicating muscular & strength imbalances in sessions to get the body fit, strong & healthy as a whole.

All of our sessions are fun but are result based driven. All exercises have a purpose and are not just randomly cobbled together.

Emmie went through the “6-week meltdown” program and onto the “12-week shoot” program with such determination and care, that the inches and pounds melted away.

18.5 inches and 17lbs lost forever.

We say lost forever as we have taught Emmie how to eat & train for the long term and not just focus on a quick diet fix.

We are certain that Emmie will look to improve on her new fantastic body shape even further so watch this space.

Do you have injuries that hold you back from getting in great shape?

Why not enquire & find out how we train around an injury & get you in great shape!



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