Transformation Success Story : Leon Ruane

Leon lost 9 lbs in 12 weeks to reveal his abs


Leon took just 12 weeks to drastically change his body shape, he only needed to lose 9lbs to look stronger, bigger and ripped.

There was not a huge drop in scale weight, but a big drop in inch measurements, we were confident that Leon was dropping body fat and holding (quite possible building) muscle.

When the human body goes into a calorie deficit – it will lose weight. Not all of this weight loss will be body fat, some will be water weight, less food in the gut and some muscle loss.

We always aim to hold onto and not lose muscle, as we need it to build a better body shape and to keep the body strong day to day.

Strength training convinces the body to hold onto muscle and use energy from body fat stores. Particularly when you have a tough strength training session, you require the muscle to sustain this hard activity you do 3-4 times a week.

If the diet is high in protein, the amino acids from the protein are shuttled to the muscles and your body doubles down on fat stores for energy.

Although Leon lost weight – stripping back fat make the body look more defined & a lot bigger!

Leon is currently going through another shoot ,and we fully expect him to be more muscular and more defined than his first shoot, so watch this space.

For weight loss and getting in top shape, strength training whilst being in a calorie deficit is one of the most powerful strategies that will achieve a body shape you thought wasn’t possible.

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