Transformation Success Story : Michelle Bancroft

Michelle Lost 21 Pounds To Transform Her Body & Health


Michelle was in need of some direction to get the body shape she wanted.

After going to endless exercise classes and trying all the diets under the sun…her body shape just didn’t seem to change.

Although not over weight – she was after a more toned and defined figure.

After seeing the body shaping results THQ was churning out, she gave it ago alongside her sister (check out her Sam’s results here).

All members starting THQ go through our super successful 6-week meltdown program that works on the basics of;

  • Full Body Weight Sessions 3 Times A Week
  • Eating a Healthy and Nutritious Diet
  • How to Include Treats in the Diet
  • Water & Sleep Requirements
  • Recovery Tactics

Her 6-week meltdown program at THQ helped her get stronger and fitter than ever.

Michelle loved the results and wanted to improve even further.

So, we encourage Michelle to start out 12 week shoot program. This is a more advance version of the 6 week meltdown.

It gets you the body shape you didn’t think was even possible.

More importantly it gives you the tactics and tools you need to MAINTAIN your body shape which is always the hardest part.

Michelle now has the knowledge to get in shape in no time at all – meaning the stress and confusion of a transformation has completely disappeared.

After the shoot had finished, we noticed that Michelle had become even more stronger & fitter, plus now has the confidence to train in any gym in the world!

Want to try our 6-week meltdown? Which on average achieves 11lbs off the scales and 3 inches from waist!

Enquiry quickly as 95% of April’s spaces have now GONE!

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