Transformation Success Story : Pete Good

Pete Shredded 4 Stone To Get His Abs Popping


Pete had a goal and went for it. It wasn’t all plane sailing though, he had a first attempt at getting in shape and did very well. He then backed off for a while and pushed again later in the year, and did even better!

Read his thoughts on his transformation experience from the day of his shoot….

“Had a quick weigh in this morning as not weighed myself for a while and I have now dropped 25.4kg (bang on 4st) since joining THQ! I still remember my first meeting with Ryan where he asked me what my main goal was and I said to lose 4 stone (which I actually thought was ridiculous at the time and would never happen!) 

Yes, it has been difficult at times and I have had to make sacrifices along the way in order to make my health a no.1 priority and keep me on track. But has it all been worth it? 100%!!!

 I’m now stronger, fitter and leaner than I have EVER been. Additionally, I feel I have now got all the tools to get in shape and stay there, rather than constant falling off the wagon, yo-yo’ing with my weight and making excuses (genetics, too tired to train, work, kids etc. etc.).”


What’s important to take from this transformation is that not every transformation you see does it first time, it take trials and fails to learn how it works in the real world.

He used to have the work, kids, too busy “excuses” but once he realised these aren’t reasons not be in shape and just a way to get out of eating correctly and training frequently – his results rocketed!

Pete went all in on his goal and was driven to get his abs showing. He knew he finally needed to resist junk food, alcohol and sugar, and at the same time train hard at THQ – although tough at times, it shredded so much weight!

The shred shifted all that body fat that was hiding his body shape he wanted so much, plus at the same time he became even fitter and stronger!

Are you sick of your body shape like Pete was? Act now and get in touch with THQ today to start your transformation….

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