Transformation Success Story : Sam Brotzman

Sam Melted Away 20lbs To Go From “Skinny Fat” To Toned, Fit and Strong.


Sam started her shoot at 136 pounds & 12 weeks later she was 116lbs!

That’s 20lbs and plenty more inches chiselled away, check out these amazing figures.

IMG_0798Sam has a young family and works shifts that include nights.

This made Sam put on a little body fat and she had the classic “skinny fat” body shape that people tend to get stuck with.

This skinny fat body shape comes from a lack of weight training with intensity, and a poor diet that consists of on-the-go foods.

Not only did Sam not like her body shape but it was making her tired, lethargic and a little bloated.

Sam made the jump & went through our 6-week meltdown program, seeing really good body shape changes. So, she then decided to go through the more intensive 12 week shoot program.

We started Sam on a good amount of calories so that when she finished the shoot, she would be on as high calories as possible.

Most people screw up a transformation by going too low calorie too soon.

This usually ends up people giving in too soon, as they hit a wall and go on a food binge.

Even if they do make the end of the transformation on crazy low calories, they can’t maintain their new body shape when they start to raise calories again. The cravings kick in and the metabolism cannot handle a huge spike in food/calories.

We like our members to finish on as high calories as possible – meaning you can eat MORE food but be in the best condition of your life.

Sam did this and we know she can maintain her shape EVEN with a young family and a terrible shift pattern.

The important message is Sam didn’t use that as an excuse, she is an inspiration to anyone who works long hours and has a family.

Enquire about the THQ 6-week meltdown and start your journey just like Sam did.

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