Transformation Success Story : Sue Webb

Sue shifted 21 Pounds To Attain A Fitter & Healthier Body


Sue was new to weight training as wasn’t sure if it would make her slimmer.

But as her results demonstrate, weights don’t make you bulky, they tone & define the body much quicker than anything else you can do.

She started at THQ to make sure she was doing everything correctly in the gym & doing everything correctly outside the gym.

We can become confused with information, ending up crossing over workout plans and diets – it works much better to stick to one.

At THQ we have tried and tested most workout & diet plans. What we have found works best is to be in a sustained calorie deficit over a period of time, plus weight train to hold on to muscle, get fit & become stronger.

After completing our 6 week meltdown and achieving good inch & weight loss, Sue (alongside her husband) started our 12 week shoot program.

This is where she melted away 21 pounds to sculpt a body shape she was far happier with. Whilst transforming her body shape, Sue became a much stronger, fitter and healthier woman.

With her new body shape and health & fitness improving – Sue was really proud of her achievements. She saw that it doesn’t need to be complicated – but a Transformation just needs to be given a bit of time.

Are you confused on how you should be training and what you should be eating for weight loss? Do you want an amazing new toned body shape? Enter your details below to find out more information;

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