TransformationHQ Alisha Large Success Story

This was Alisha before she joined transformation HQ and this was her life…

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Drained, frumpy and stressed are three words I would have used to describe myself in the New Year of 2015… the proud mother of an 18 month old little boy, I had lost my baby weight through skipped meals and relentless sleepless nights but I didn’t love my body and my level of self-consciousness annoyed me. I had tried the ‘insanity work out DVDs’ late at night while my toddler slept that were never repeated, the ‘zumba classes’ with my friends which were fun but made no difference, the ‘gym membership’ where I ran red-faced on a treadmill for 20 minutes (ok, 10) until it bleeped that I had burnt enough calories to go home!  My diet consisted of ready meals (because who has time to cook with a toddler?) and my glass of red wine most nights seemed well deserved even if it just made me feel worse.


It took me a lot of encouragement to finally join HQ after my sister Courtney convinced me to give it a try. I actually backed out and put it off for a month at first! I remember all my excuses… ‘I’ll never get time to go to 3 classes a week!’  ‘I work full time, I have a toddler, my Husband works shifts and I have no energy as it is!’ ‘I’m really unfit and I’ll be the worst one there’ 

My biggest fear was that taking time out for myself would steal time away from my toddler as I already had ‘working mum guilt’ but Courtney and my Mum convinced me to join and the rest is history. 


Fast forward a few weeks on and I was hooked. I’d get up at 5.30am, three times a week and drive from Whaley to Buxton (with my music on loud) for the 6am class! I figured that by doing the 6am classes, I had trained, showered and got ready for the day before my toddler even woke up! I would do the Nursery run and go straight to Work full of energy like I had already accomplished so much by 9am. 

When I first started in April, I couldn’t even do a single push up but by the end of May I could do 20! It was the little accomplishments that kept me going and I felt every little goal I set myself, I started to believe I could actually do! 

Just by doing weight training regularly, I felt healthier, tougher, more full of life… More bad ass if I’m honest! I found my ability to handle everyday stress improved and my confidence in my own abilities amazed me. I was no longer balancing plates but spinning them and taking on bigger projects at work and enjoying the quality time I had with my family more because I was genuinely happier in myself. 

This was all from working out just 2hrs a week and with the help of Carl & Ryan, I began educating myself of the benefits of a high protein diet and ‘clean eating’. 

It was all double Dutch to me to start with but I would read up and research and follow famous fitness personalities on Facebook for inspiration, so by the time I had my photoshoot in August (only 5 months after joining), I had a 6 pack and the confidence to put on a bikini and sit and play with my toddler by the pool on holiday… Never wondering if my thighs looked big or if I should sit differently to hide my tummy! I felt confident on the inside and I think it shined on the outside! 


I recently had my second little boy who is 10 weeks old and I’m already back at HQ (along with my Mum, Dad, Sisters, Husband and Friends). This second pregnancy was harder on my body but I just adapted what I had learnt about nutrition on my fitness journey and it didn’t take me long to get back into my old jeans after the birth! 

I’m battling the sleepless nights all over again and already having to juggle my working life with a toddler and a newborn now but I’m also choosing to make HQ part of my life and fitting it in where I can because it’s something for me. Its my time away from being a wife and mother. It’s only 2 hrs a week out of 168! But because I go, as a family we eat healthier, we get out in the fresh air more and I feel I’m a better role model to my boys for showing them that it’s important to be confident in their own skin and to stay active and strong as they grow up. 

Whenever anyone asks me if they should join Transformation HQ or start weight training, my first words are normally “It’s totally life changing”… Because for me. It was.

And this is her now, what a transformation!

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