TransformationHQ Anne Andrew Success Story

This was Anne before she joined Transformation HQ…

AnneAndrew6 AnneAndrew7

And this is her now…


Why did you first join Transformation HQ and has it helped you towards your body shape goals?

I felt that I was getting too over weight, and I needed some motivation, it has helped immensely, I have lost weight and gained muscle.


What else have you tried before and did it work?

Weight watchers, 5-2 diet, they always worked but not the second and 3rd time.


How has our simple approach to eating healthy helped you?

Easy to follow, and I never felt hungry, I actually felt a lot better and not bloated or lethargic.


Why is Transformation HQ different?

It’s a very personal experience, but it’s also a family,we allele each other, and the trainers, and Carl and Ryan help you every step of the way, you can ask them anything and they will always help

What would you say to those who fear Transformation HQ?

Nothing to fear, we are all In the same boat, we are all normal people with busy lives, and families.

Do you feel Transformation HQ is a friendly and motivation place to be? Is so why?

Yes definitely, amazingly friendly, and there is only 6 in a class, so we all help each other.

AnneAndrew4 How do you fit Transformation HQ into your busy schedule?

There are lots of classes to choose from, and the app is great as you can change a class, if something crops upset work or home.

How did you find the 12 week body transformation photo shoot?

Very enjoyable, enjoyed the food and being more focused, it help understand food and what impacted it had on your body, it was fun to do the photos, and it gave you a goal to work to.


What was most frustrating area of your body before you started Transformation HQ? And has this now improved?

My tummy, and aching legs when I went skiing, so I have toned them up and this has helped when I am on holiday skiing.

Would you recommend Transformation HQ to friends and family? Is so why?

Yes , I have recommended it to lots of people, it’s a wonderful gym, with likeminded people and amazing trainers, you work hard for 45 minutes, instead of being unsure of what to do in a normal gym.

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